IoT labs revolutionising HVAC systems:
integrated testing for improved
performance and enhanced user experience

customer background

Our customer is an HVAC industry leader, distinguished for its innovative approach to heat pumps and VRF systems. Specialising in energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions for a wide array of residential and commercial spaces, they offer a comprehensive range of HVAC options throughout North America.

customer need

The customer wanted to enhance user experience within their HVAC equipment range. However, their extensive array of HVAC devices and accessories posed a significant challenge in testing. The complexity in reproducing and resolving customer issues resulted in a time-consuming and laborious process. Quality management for the entire HVAC system, including the mobile app and the backend system that controlled the equipment, proved difficult due to the diverse components. To ensure flawless functionality, the customer needed comprehensive, ongoing testing to validate individual devices, accessories, and the integrated system as a whole. Recognising Softdel’s deep expertise in the HVAC domain and testing services, the customer partnered with us to establish a dedicated facility for testing solutions.

softdel’s solution

  • Functional testing across single and multi-system setups for various modules including settings, notifications, and events.
  • Non-functional testing including performance and compatibility assessments for factors such as latency and scalability.
  • Mobile app testing to ensure new features and bug fixes in the customer’s app doesn’t disrupt existing functionalities.
  • Device compatibility testing across the latest Android and iOS cell phones and tablets.
  • Rest APIs’ testing of wireless adapters and backend servers, for updates.
  • Bluetooth connectivity testing using commissioning test scenarios.

standards and technology

Frontend: Angular

Tools: Jira, TestRail, Postman, Vysor, Slack

Cloud: AWS

Interface: REST API


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