revolutionising HVAC systems with a
cloud-based remote monitoring and
predictive maintenance solution

customer background

For over 90 years, this global leader in HVAC&R, fluorochemicals, and filtration has enhanced comfort, refining control, and energy savings worldwide. Operating in 150+ countries, this company pioneers innovative products, elevating global standards in comfort, safety, and sustainability.

customer need

The customer sought a solution to connect on-site HVAC equipment to the cloud for secure monitoring, control, error prediction, and real-time automated status reports. The solution would also need to provide comprehensive real-time automated status reports for each HVAC equipment to increase overall operational efficiency, achieve substantial energy savings and minimise the necessity for on-site diagnostics. Softdel, with two decades of experience in platform engineering and cloud applications, emerged as the ideal partner due to a successful track record in pioneering HVAC and smart building solutions.

softdel’s solution

  • Seamless aggregation of data from field equipment sensors and actuators for a comprehensive assessment of indoor and outdoor HVAC units.
  • Introduction of a user-friendly centralised platform, monitoring over 180 parameters per equipment. This includes site list view and energy/data trend visualisations.
  • Empowering precision control with features like load level setting, On/Off functionality, and set points adjustments for Organizational Units (OUs).
  • Enabling edge connectivity with Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) integration.
  • Implementation of machine learning models for proactive maintenance, historical data integration, remote diagnostics, predictive logic, and error detection.
  • Real-time visualisation of HVAC equipment behavior through an intuitive 2D piping diagram with animation
  • Integration of Google Maps in the application, with real-time site health information overlayed on the map for visual representation of current status.
  • Development of a robust licensing and monetisation module for the application
  • Implementation of instant notification for critical faults or parameter changes via a mobile app equipped with robust alarm and push notifications.
  • Facilitation of quick login on the mobile app with face recognition and biometric authentication features.
  • Enablement of data export in CSV and PDF formats for trending analysis.
  • Extending the platform to integrate and control third-party external units, such as lighting devices, extending its reach and functionality beyond HVAC equipment.
  • Uploading floor plans, including the addition of floor-wise view of units, allowing for customised building-specific visualization.
  • Introducing new features like energy management, equipment control access, service ticketing, edge commissioning and pre-edge commissioning, BACnet device integration, and unsupervised prediction maintenance algorithms, significantly expanding the platform’s capabilities.

standards and technology

Cloud: AWS Serverless

Frontend: Angular

Backend: Node.JS

Database: MySQL, DynamoDB

Communication Protocol: MQTT

Project Management Tool/ Tools: JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket

Framework: Flutter


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