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customer background

Our customer, a leading US-based manufacturer, specialises in open-source laboratory automation systems, which encompass robotic liquid handling systems and other scientific instruments. Their platforms support research, collaboration, protocol sharing, and experiment automation. Their systems have gained widespread utilisation across 40+ countries, serving biopharmaceutical companies, academia, synthetic biology labs, and clinical research facilities.

customer need

Based on user feedback about the complexity and lack of user-friendliness of their open-source ecosystem, the customer recognised the need for improvement. To address this, they wanted to make significant investments in product design and development, as well as extend support to new and upcoming robotics projects. Additionally, they aimed to enhance their product line by developing a framework for including protocols like COVID diagnostics (RNA extraction, PCR preparation), as well as nucleic acid purification, expanding its capabilities.


To achieve these goals, the customer partnered with Softdel for a platform modernisation initiative. This collaboration involved revamping UI/UX, developing customised protocols for end-users, and providing API applications to create unique complex protocols.

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

Frontend: HTML, JS, CSS, TS

Backend: ExpressJS, NodeJS, Sequelize

Dev Ops: GitHub, Docker, AWS Cloud, GitHub Actions

Project Management Tools: Confluence, Figma, Jira, Slack

Security Tools: Auth0

Testing: Cypress, React Testing Library, Jest

Programming Language: React JS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python

Database: PostgreSQL


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