ISH 2023: exploring the future of innovative solutions

ISH 2023:
exploring the future of
innovative solutions

As one of the largest trade shows in the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and renewable energy industries, ISH 2023 drew in crowds from all over the world. Held in Frankfurt from March 13 to March 17, the event featured over 2,700 exhibitors and attracted around 200,000 visitors. With a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and digitalisation, ISH 2023 provided a glimpse into the future of these industries.

Congruous with Europe’s aim of becoming climate-neutral by 2050 and reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030; this year’s fair was especially focused on the role of smart system solutions in decarbonising the heating sector. Intelligent energy management systems put a greater focus on how to use energy more efficiently. Lastly, the importance of air quality control was a significant point of discussion, driven not only by the recent rise in awareness post-COVID, but also due to its direct correlation to the aim of minimising CO2 emissions.

This year, Softdel’s leadership team had the opportunity to attend ISH 2023, where, leveraging their two-decade-long expertise as a digital and IoT partner, they had the privilege to connect with industry leaders in the HVAC and water segments.

key takeways and highlights

digitalisation is transforming the industry

Digitalisation is revolutionizing the way we approach heating and cooling, with smart thermostats and connected boilers leading the charge. During Softdel's meetings with solution manufacturers and system integrators in the building automation industry, it became clear that many were already aware of the benefits of digitalisation. The event featured a number of innovative digital solutions, including apps that allow users to control their heating remotely and sensors that monitor energy usage in real-time.

water conservation is a key concern

As water scarcity becomes an increasing concern around the world, many exhibitors focused on products and solutions that help conserve water. From water-saving taps to rainwater harvesting systems, there were several companies, including flow meter and valve manufacturers, looking for solutions to reduce their water usage.

renewable energy is on the rise

With the global push towards renewable energy, it was no surprise that the ISH 2023 featured a range of renewable energy solutions. Exhibitors showcased everything from solar panels to heat pumps, highlighting the growing importance of renewable energy in the heating and cooling industries.

sustainable solutions are becoming mainstream

The event demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability, as numerous exhibitors presented innovative products and solutions that effectively minimise energy usage and carbon footprints. Attendees seeking to enhance their personal or business sustainability had access to a diverse array of options, ranging from low-flow showerheads to energy-efficient heating systems.

secure communication is crucial

The BACnet Interest Group Europe and KNX Association hosted seminars and sessions highlighting the significance of digital standardisation to maximise interoperability between systems from multiple manufacturers. These events also covered the evolution of different communication protocols BACnet, KNX IoT, Thread, and, Matter, including the latest addition, BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC).

collaboration is key

Finally, one of the most important takeaways from ISH 2023 – collaboration and relationship are key to creating a sustainable and smarter tomorrow. It is imperative for all businesses to have a comprehensive understanding of their market, customers, and competitors.

Softdel has developed cutting-edge applications for our customers in the HVAC, Energy, and Water segments that has facilitated them to connect their smart devices and tackle various issues such as real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance, ensuring indoor air quality, as well as energy and water management, among many others.

Considering the current level of innovation and digital adoption in this industry, it is highly likely that we will see increasingly sophisticated applications that play a significant role in creating a more sustainable world in the near future.


Pooja Khanwani, Associate Director – Marketing, Softdel

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