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BACnet is an ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO 16484-5 standard communication protocol designed to allow seamless communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning control), lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated applications.

BACnet Evolution

Here is the snapshot of evolution of BACnet standard

SoftDEL evolution of BACnet protocol

BACnet Objects Addition (New + Updates to existing objects)

SoftDEL BACnet objects addition

BACnet Services Addition (New + Updates to existing services)

SoftDEL BACnet services addition

SoftDEL Offerings

SoftDEL offers end-to-end BACnet product development and testing services with the help of its integrated BACnet ecosystem. Understanding the BACnet ecosystem is a key to positioning, configuring and commissioning devices in a heterogeneous and fully connected environment.

Our products and services portfolio includes:

  • BACnet stack
  • BACnet stack integration and testing
  • BACnet training
  • BACnet consulting

BACnet Stack

SoftDEL’s BACnet stack serves as a perfect starting point for OEMs who wish to provide native BACnet support to their devices and applications. It provides support for proprietary functionalities while offering customization.

SoftDEL offers a royalty free BACnet/IP and MS/TP stack ready for integration with device firmware. The stack can be integrated on devices ranging from temperature sensors, flow sensors and drives to gateway solution.

Our BACnet stack is implemented as per ANSI/ASHRAE standard, which supports protocol revision 12 and complies with B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-BC, B-AAC, B-ASC, B-SS and B-SA profile requirements.

BACnet Stack Integration

SoftDEL provides a solution to OEMs who want to make their existing building management solutions and products BACnet compliant. This can be done with the integration of SoftDEL’s stack into the OEMs’ solutions.

We have experience in carrying out integration of BACnet stack on devices ranging from temperature sensors and flow meters to drives and gateway solutions. We have successfully completed BACnet integration on a variety of platforms:

  • Cortex M3 (Home Automation Controller) with WinCE
  • TI’s MSP430 (a flow meter device)
  • PIC18 (a flow meter device)
  • Resensas SH7080 (Industrial Drive)

BACnet Testing

Along with end-to-end product development, SoftDEL also helps OEMs with extensive BACnet compliance testing to identify any defects during the early stage of development. SoftDEL’s BACnet compliance testing is aligned with the latest test plan and test standards.

BACnet Protocol Training

Standardization is compelling OEMs to adopt protocols like BACnet, Zigbee and HART in their products. However, the ever-changing business, standards and the technology landscape need constant updating of protocol knowledge.

SoftDEL offers a structured core BACnet training course with optional custom designed modules for product developers, test engineers, field engineers, and technicians. Our customized programs are based on your requirements.

We help OEMs understand the BACnet standard for any applications with Q&A responses, understanding documents based on specific requirements.

For newcomers to the BACnet field, BACnet standards can be too vast and complex to understand and implement. SoftDEL can help you with our detailed BACnet training course.

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Experienced BACnet trainers
  • Training on BACnet tools
  • Hands-on training sessions using SoftDEL’s BACnet I/P Simulation tool (BOSS)
  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of latest additions in BACnet standard

Training Agenda

2 day Core Program:
  • Introduction to BACnet architecture and protocol standard
  • Overview of different BACnet Device Profiles
  • Introduction to BACnet objects, services, data types and BIBBS
  • BACnet IP and MS/TP devices
  • BBMD, foreign device registration
  • Network Configuration (router configuration + device configuration)
  • Overview of different BACnet tools
  • Debugging techniques
Advanced Program (3 to 4 days):
  • Full 2-day-core program
  • Hands-on training with the BOSS tool
  • Custom modules as per your requirements and audience
  • BACnet device testing and certification process

BACnet Consulting Services

We offer BACnet consultancy to customers who want BACnet support for their new as well as existing devices.

Our BACnet consulting covers all the product development life-cycle phases from the requirement understanding phase to the market launch of the defect-free product.

We offer BACnet consultancy at various phases of product development

New Product :

  • Requirements-understanding phase
  • System-design phase
  • Development phase
  • System-testing phase
  • BACnet protocol compliance test phase
  • Product deployment phase

Existing product :

We study the customer’s existing product,  and provide consultative solutions on how to adopt BACnet protocol.

BACnet Pre-assessment Testing Service

The Challenge :
The BACnet standard is complex and constantly evolving. Due to this, OEMs face a roadblock in getting their BACnet-enabled devices tested and listed. Also, once deployed, OEMs have to deal with interoperability issues with other BACnet devices and networks.

The SoftDEL Solution :
SoftDEL offers BACnet pre-assessment testing services that help OEMs to verify their products’ BACnet compliance. This way, manufacturers reduce errors and cut down on costs as well as time.

Through our pre-assessment testing and consulting services, SoftDEL has helped many global OEMs with BACnet devices ranging from B-SS, B- ASC and B- AAC to B- BC and B-AWS profiles.

Features :

  • SoftDEL has a comprehensive MS/TP and BACnet/IP test setup including an in-house BACnet device simulator, BACnet physical devices and test systems
  • Our team of BACnet test engineers runs OEM products through a series of test cases based on their device profile
  • SoftDEL analyze issues early on and consults with OEMs to troubleshoot and debug their BACnet implementations or application integration

Benefits :

  • BACnet experts for quick issue analysis & resolution
  • Reduced cost for BACnet implementation
  • Faster time to market for BACnet devices