Convergence Suite gives you the foundation to strengthen your business operations in a ‘SMART’ world.

For over two decades, Softdel has been shaping the world of building and industrial automation, leveraging technology, connectivity, data, and analytics to build robust, digitally empowered products. 

combining our in-depth domain knowledge and expert-led solutions, we have engineered the Convergence Suite, a comprehensive product suite that puts the ‘smart’ in smart buildings and factories.

Our comprehensive solutions seamlessly stitch together data-driven services with real-time insights to drive transformational change and deliver exceptional value to customers. We simplify complex tech requirements to deliver the most efficient solutions for challenges across the industrial and buildings’ IoT value chain. It encompasses holistic digital solutions — communication protocol stacks, simulation tools, IoT gateways, and an edge controller.

a comprehensive suite
of products

communication protocols

BACnet stack - softBAC

An intelligent version of the industry-standard BACnet protocol stack for building automation. Our royalty-free BACnet stack provides support for proprietary functionality and customisation. All latest PR compliant variants including BACnet/SC stack are available.

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Modbus stack-

The industry-standard Modbus protocol stack for industrial and building automation. Our royalty-free Modbus RTU Master and Slave stack enables faster firmware development of Modbus-enabled field devices.

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HART stack - softHART

The industry-standard smart HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) communications stack for industrial automation. A complete package that helps OEMs and ODMs speed up and simplify the process of building, testing, certifying, deploying HART-enabled products in the market.

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DMX stack - softDMX

SoftDMX is the industry-standard DMX-512 protocol stack, used for control of advanced lighting and stage equipment.

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edge gateway & controller

EdificeEdge IoT platform

An IoT edge gateway platform built on top of Intel's 'Edge Insights for Buildings' features the ability to compute and perform analytics at the edge, the capability to manage holistic data, and the power of remote monitoring. This secure, scalable, and reliable gateway platform is the ideal solution for today's smart building application needs.

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universal wellpad controller (UWC)

This middleware platform (ideal for single and multiple well pad control applications) enables the oil and gas industry to maximise efficiency, eliminate vendor lock-in, and foster innovation. This innovative edge platform connects with Modbus-enabled equipment resulting in reduced operating costs and facilitating interoperability.

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BACnet simulator

BACnet Over IP Simulation System (BOSS)

The BOSS (BACnet Over IP Simulation System) Simulator and Explorer are ideal for effectively troubleshooting BACnet functionality and interoperability by simulation of virtual devices, properties, and service configurations. The intuitive interface makes these tools very user-friendly for both professionals and novices alike.

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why choose

domain expertise

For over 20 years and counting, Softdel has uniquely established itself as a domain-led technology innovator to deliver robust software solutions for the building and industrial automation industry. We combine domain expertise, breakthrough technologies, and a partnership with customers to ideate and build innovative software solutions.

bespoke industry applications

Over the years, we have closely worked with a wide range of industry subsegments, and therefore we understand that no two businesses are alike. Our experts define custom solutions for our customers to meet diverse operating needs.

highly customisable

We offer customisations and a choice of products across the Convergence Suite. Multiple variants of stacks and edge gateways provide the flexibility to address application-specific needs for multiple use cases.

rapid deployment

The Convergence Suite supports agile and swift deployment of solutions, accelerating our customers’ digital transformation and allowing solutions to break into wider usage.

premium support

We back up our innovative solutions with technical support and documentation, to transform the post-integration experience and help build and retain long-lasting customer loyalty.

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