Manufacturers who design and build BACnet hardware devices must ensure that their devices conform to every detail of the ever-evolving BACnet standard. Field failures due to non-compliance issues can cause expensive downtime for OEMs.

Softdel provides pre-certification for your devices enabling them to seamlessly operate with any BACnet network. This includes device testing to ensure seamless network communication and ensuring proper implementation of mandatory BACnet object properties specified under specific protocol standard revisions. Testing can also be customised for specific requirements.

BACnet profiles for compliance testing


BACnet Advanced Workstation


BACnet Operator Workstation


BACnet Operator Display


BACnet Building Controller


BACnet Advanced Application Controller


BACnet Application Specific Controller


BACnet Smart Sensor


BACnet Smart Actuator


BACnet Router


BACnet Gateway


Other BACnet Broadcast Management Device


Other BACnet Devices


Other BACnet Devices

test set up

Softdel boasts the most comprehensive MS/TP and IP test set up across the globe – the Softdel test labs include an in-house BACnet device simulator, physical BACnet devices, and state of the art test systems. Our team of BACnet experts can quickly identify and analyse issues early in the product engineering lifecycle, and drive consultations with OEMs to troubleshoot and debug BACnet implementations and integrations, thereby ensuring seamless integration and compliance for the devices under test

BACnet protocol compliance

Pre-certification (2)

BACnet protocol compliance

The BACnet device is placed in Softdel’s physical test lab and is connected to our own in-house BACnet network. We ensure the device is compliant with the appropriate BACnet standard and that it can reliably communicate with other devices. The device is then tested to verify interoperability with a wide variety of BACnet profiles while every device object and property is exercised under busy network conditions. Our library of reusable test scenarios is constantly being improved and updated to provide the highest quality test environment possible

benefits of BACnet pre-certification

why softdel for bacnet pre-certification?

Pre-certification of your BACnet device by our expert engineers assures customers of product compliance and reliability.

15+ years of experience in BACnet support and training

200+ product families tested and pre-certified

100+ global OEMs

Successfully tested devices that include compliance to the latest PR-20 standard and BACnet/SC

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