achieving operational excellence: the digital
transformation journey of a chemical plant

customer background

For over 70 years, our globally renowned US-based customer has been a pioneer in providing chemical solutions to a wide range of industries including pulp and paper, packaging, leather, biofuels, and industrial water treatment. Operating in 90+ countries, they are dedicated to fostering innovation and technology-driven support for chemical solutions, enhancing productivity and sustainability on a global scale.  

customer need

The customer wanted to optimise their production process due to the short shelf-life of their perishable chemical products. They aimed to align production with demand, implementing a Just in Time (JIT) inventory system for their suppliers, necessitating seamless coordination across procurement, manufacturing, production, and distribution. Recognising the crucial need for enhanced interoperability and plant control, they sought a capable partner for comprehensive IT/OT integration and digital modernisation. This project involved plant transformation, device digitisation, establishing cloud connectivity, and improved reporting. Softdel’s two decades of enabling digital transformation across multiple sectors inspired the customer to approach us for this strategic partnership.

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

Communication Protocol: Ethernet, MQTT, Bluetooth, Proprietary

Programming Language: C/C++, React, Node

Cloud Platform: Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud Framework: Telerik Kendo

Database: MongoDB and Cassandra


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