development and testing of next-gen
controls platform for geothermal heat pumps

customer background

Our US-based customer is a leading manufacturer of premium heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products, including geothermal heat pumps, water heaters, boilers, and fan coil units. With a focus on comfort and efficiency, their innovative solutions cater to commercial and residential sectors, spanning industries such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. Supported by a workforce of over 1200 professionals, they have earned strong brand loyalty and established themselves as market leaders.

customer need

The customer aimed to develop and deploy their own controls platform system, replacing existing third-party HVAC controls. They sought seamless interoperability with their current HVAC systems, requiring comprehensive system integration testing with complete adherence to due test process. With Softdel’s extensive expertise in the HVAC industry, product development, and testing services, along with our advanced IoT Labs set-up for the HVAC industry, the customer chose us as their trusted partner to build and test this next-generation controls platform.

softdel’s solution

  • Design and development of firmware for the thermostat and gateway components, integrating cloud services into the solution for advanced functionalities
  • A feature-rich mobile application for iOS and Android with functionalities like a dashboard for both professional and homeowner use, a discovery and device list, scheduling, user configuration, vacation mode, thermostat settings, and system monitoring
  • Establishing a dedicated environment at Softdel’s IoT labs, which were equipped with custom infrastructure for the customer’s HVAC system
  • Performing black-box testing, covering system, functional, integration, regression, and performance testing
  • Conducting manual and automated testing of multiple features across Thermostat, Gateway, Cloud, and Mobile Application modules

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: Bluetooth

Platform: Android and iOS, Microsoft Azure Cloud

Database: SQLite

Programming Language: Python, Kotlin, Swift, Angular


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