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    Softdel’s domain and technology expertise enables building automation OEMs with energy efficient, safe and secure building management solutions. Softdel solutions and products are used across the globe, transforming traditional buildings into smart offices, smart airports, smart retail and smart homes.

    By 2020 the Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated to grow to 30 billion connected devices. Connected buildings, connected lighting, connected homes, connected cars, connected industry; regular devices elevated to smart devices by harnessing the power of IoT.



    Backed by strong experience and expertise in smart and connected product domains, Softdel leverages IoT technology to help partners achieve product and business competitiveness.

    Some of the key uses of IoT include remote device monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, manufacturing and process automation and product personalization.

    Softdel enables partners to unlock business value from IoT by ensuring smooth migration to achieve IoT connectivity, for legacy as well as new products. Clients utilize management applications to exercise remote, real-time monitoring and control.


    IoT Consultancy

    • Define customer’s business objective
    • Analyze OEM’s product line
    • Identify IoT use cases
    • Prioritize use cases
    • Prepare Market Requirements Document (MRD)
    • Design IoT plan and road map
    • Identify different revenue streams

    Embedded Product Development
    • Develop new product lines to implement native IoT protocols
    • Build in connectivity protocols support for MQTT, Thread and CoAP
    • Re-engineer the existing product line to make it IoT compatible

    Gateway Development
    • Develop IoT Gateway for legacy product line, supporting multiple protocols

    Platform Development & Integration
    • Platform integration and device simulations for scalability testing
    • Custom IoT middleware development
    • Protocol adaptor development

    Management Application Development
    • Develop IoT applications such as management applications for remote monitoring and control
    • Develop product specific use cases and algorithms to predict maintenance requirement or predict days to failure
    • Mobile application development
    • API development and support to enable third-party application integration
    • Development of cloud hosted, on premise and hybrid solutions



    Strong capabilities in IoT solution implementation (From device to dashboard)


    Extensive experience around specialized & niche requirements across IoT focused domains

    IoT at Core

    8 out of 10 projects include IoT connectivity and technology implementation


    Reusable and easy to deploy IPs and products, for faster product engineering

    Tools & Technologies

    Experience Across

    CASE STUDY // Services // IoT Services

    Buildings IoT

    Client : a leading US-based building management company, providing the highest quality control products and services to HVAC industry.

    Smart Connectivity Platform for applications in Oil & Gas industry

    Client : One of the largest American Oil and Gas company (20 Billion USD, offering wide range of positive displacement meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic flow meters and flow computers.

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