softdel and software AG partner to enable smarter, connected buildings

Nov 09, 2021

Softdel, a leading IoT solutions provider for smart buildings, has inked a strategic partnership with Software AG, a leading provider of Enterprise Integration & IoT Platforms that make buildings smarter and connected.

Under this new partnership, Softdel and Software AG are bringing together their complementary solutions to achieve the increasing demand for better energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, occupant comfort, and efficient facility management especially for hospitals, airports, and other mission-critical buildings.

Softdel powered by its innovative B-IoT gateway platform, “Edifice Edge”, and Software AG with its “Cumulocity” IoT platform have jointly created an end-to-end smart buildings solution. This unique technology partnership enables interconnectivity and interoperability among all devices and equipment installed in a building thus driving up efficiencies and enabling secure remote management. The solution also provides a framework for generating real-time building analytics based on AI and ML technologies.

Softdel brings the power of “edge computing” to smart buildings through its EdificeEdge platform. It seamlessly integrates and collects data from thousands of building assets (sensors, actuators, controllers, lighting control systems, thermostats, HVAC systems, and other building equipment, etc.) over BACnet and Modbus communications protocols. Built on a modern microservices-based architecture and using containerization technology at the edge, Edifice Edge offers great flexibility to run compute-intensive applications enabling tomorrow’s AI-enabled digital buildings.

Software AG helps democratize IoT thus empowering subject matter experts to leverage self-service tools at any stage of the IoT journey. Doing IoT right with Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform means connecting and managing “things”, analysing IoT data, integrating core apps and building a solution that enables IoT at the edge.

Sachin Deshmukh, Managing Director, Softdel commented: “We see tremendous value from our partnership with Software AG to drive our vision of connecting devices, enterprises, and people. Our EdificeEdge platform integrates perfectly within the Cumulocity IoT ecosystem from Software AG. We look forward to jointly delivering exceptional value to our customers as part of their transformational journey around smart buildings and infrastructure”

Sunil K Dalal, Founder, and Chairman, Softdel commented: “By 2025, there will be more than 40 billion connected devices installed in smart buildings. These devices will need seamless integration and the ability to communicate with each other to offer real-time actionable insights. EdificeEdge is a significant milestone in our two-decade journey of providing innovative solutions to the global building automation industry. Our partnership with Software AG is a step in the right direction to continue our efforts to bring exceptional value to our customers”

 Jason Johns, Head of Global Alliances and Channels, Software AG, added: “As organizations, cities and public authorities strive to be more efficient, sustainable and digital, getting smarter and more connected buildings is a vital step. Not only can these projects improve the experience of being in a building for its occupants, but they can also improve safety and reduce the environmental impact all at the same time. Working in partnership with Softdel we’re striving to make that a reality for more and more organizations.”

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About Softdel

Founded in 1999, Softdel (a UNIDEL company) connects devices, enterprises, and people. Our distinctiveness lies in simplifying enterprise connectedness in smart buildings and smart factories creating unprecedented benefits for our customers and their eco-systems. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, USA, with offices in Japan, and India, we deliver domain expertise and technology-driven solutions to help companies turn digital challenges into opportunities. Our two-decade-long product engineering experience of serving global leaders in the automation & controls industry has catapulted Softdel to an enviable position in the Industrial and Buildings IoT value chain.

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About software AG

Software AG is the software pioneer of a truly connected world. Since 1969, it has helped 10,000+ organizations use software to connect people, departments, systems and devices. Software AG empowers truly connected enterprises using integration & APIs, IoT & analytics and business & IT transformation. Software AG’s products establish a fluid flow of data that allows everything and everyone to work together. The company has more than 4,700 employees across more than 70 countries and annual revenue of over €800m, with the aim of exceeding €1bn by 2023.

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