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The BACnet standard is constantly evolving. Most available tools have not kept up with this progression, leaving building automation solution providers and smart building OEMs constrained. There is a lack of reliable tools to establish BACnet communication within their product offerings.

What’s more, most interoperability testing occurs in the BACnet test lab at the time of certification or directly during field deployment. Because of this environment, BACnet building automation and smart building OEMs spend a significant amount of time and expense in troubleshooting BACnet integration into their devices and applications for market readiness.

BACnet Device Simulator: BOSS


SoftDEL’s BOSS (BACnet/IP Simulation System) has the ability to simulate large networks with various devices and objects.

BOSS effectively simulates BACnet functionalities and checks interoperability by simultaneous simulation of multiple virtual device, property and service configurations.

BOSS’s easy-to-use interface allows developers and systems integrators to configure, monitor and issue service commands to accessible physical and virtual devices on the BACnet network.

BOSS also provides BBMD, FD and transaction-log functionalities


CREATE virtual devices

  • Simulate virtual devices with different objects, along with property and service configurations on a single network
  • Enable configuration of changing PVs for simulated objects
  • Create a network of virtual BACnet devices for troubleshooting during development, integration, commissioning and interoperability testing with different device configurations

Create Virtual Devices


  • Discover and browse BACnet devices on an accessible network. BBMD support enables device discovery across subnets
  • Set and monitor property values of discovered device objects

Devices Discovery & Object Browsing

GENERATE service commands

  • Simulate a deployed BACnet environment by configuring a custom set of BACnet service commands to generate periodic network traffic
  • Capture and analyze the transaction log of issued service requests and responses

Generate Service Commands

MONITOR object property values

  • Easily monitor any object property value for any virtual or discovered device to detect value changes and error responses

Monitor Object Property Values