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The global energy crisis combined with the lack of abundant clean and green power, rising maintenance cost of legacy energy systems poses a formidable challenge to our development and growth. The exploding world population further stretches the demand-supply gap. The only option is to optimize energy usage.

The Challenge

This is where technology has a big role to play by installing tools that will help monitor, analyze and deploy smart controls. We need systems to monitor energy consumption and trends in real time. Further, analysis of big data will be a key driver in developing these solutions.

The SoftDEL Solution

We offer engineering services to help smart energy OEMs across their product development life cycle.

Our range of engineering services include :

  • Smart energy management software
  • Devices with advanced communication protocol
  • Connection to cloud to assist data analysts
  • Monitoring, configuration and control over smart devices
  • Networking of smart energy meters (wireless connectivity, data concentrator units)
  • Smart grid solutions around advance lighting (with efficient energy management capabilities)


  • LED controller firmware and software.
  • Connected smart meters:
    • Enabling networking of smart energy meters
    • End-to-end product development solution for automatic meter reading of water, electricity and gas
    • Wireless connectivity solutions based on LPRF (Sub-1 GHz, 2.4 GHz), GPRS and power line communication (PLC)
    • New product development, engineering, reengineering and integration services for communication module, meter, handheld unit, desktop application, data concentrator unit, enterprise and mobile application
  • Smart grid solutions:
    • Advanced lighting solutions with energy management capability
    • Implementation of protocols enabling energy management capability
    • Management Application Development to configure, control and monitor energy management systems
  • Application development for remote monitoring and control:
    • Design and implementation of ZigBee and other protocol-based applications