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HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is widely used communications protocol, amongst all the industrial automation protocols.

HART is critical because it can communicate over the existing traditional 4-20mA signal by extending system capabilities for a two-way digital communication with ‘smart’ field instruments.


We offer a complete package that helps OEMs and ODMs build, test, certify and deploy HART enabled products in the market.

  • A ready HART protocol slave stack compliant with revision 7.2
  • Integration and porting of stack with target device application firmware and device platforms
  • Device Description (DD) file development and testing
  • Device testing as per HCF test specifications with HCF test tools
  • Creation of Field Device Specification (FDS) document

SoftDEL HART 7 Slave Stack

SoftDEL offers a ready HART communication protocol stack conforming to protocol revision 7.2 that enables faster firmware development of HART enabled field devices.

This stack is useful for OEMs who wish to implement HART 7 through a daughterboard.

The stack can also be implemented as a software-only solution for OEMs with existing products looking to migrate to HART 7.


  • Developed in C language: Compatible with any hardware platform with or without OS
  • Supports all universal commands and common practice commands
  • Small and efficient memory footprint: ROM –20 KB , RAM – 1.5 KB
  • Supports both point-to-point and multi-drop operating modes
  • Stack integration and porting manual for easy development
  • Tested using HCF kit 192 with:
    • Slave Universal Command HCF Test Specifications
    • Slave Common Practice Command HCF Test Specifications
    • Slave Token Passing Data Link Layer HCF Test Specification


  • SoftDEL HART stack is royalty free. This means that you can use it in any of your products and in any number of devices
  • There is only a one-time licensing fee
  • We deliver the stack as source code
  • The stack comes with a built-in one-year warranty
  • We offer flexible support models after the warranty period

Integration Services

We also offer integration and porting of the stack with the target device application and device platform. This includes:

  • Porting of the stack library to device hardware platforms including micro-controllers and RTOS
  • Integration of the stack library with the device application software or firmware
  • Enhancements to the stack library to support the device family as well as device specific commands

Testing Services

SoftDEL offers a pre-certification test service that help OEMs and ODMs to verify HART communication protocol compliance before submission of the final device for HCF registration.This helps in eliminating design issues that may arise during formal certification testing, reducing your certification time and cost.

Our process includes a thorough testing of your device(s) as per the HCF test specifications.


  • The testing covers validation of universal commands, common practice commands and token-passing Data Link Layer specification tests
  • Testing is done using HCF test tools ‘HTest 192’ and ‘Analys’ HART Bus Analyzer
  • We use a combination of HCF test scripts and SoftDEL-developed test scripts, while following HCF-recommended testing
  • SoftDEL provides you with testing reports that can be submitted to HCF for the purpose of certification

DD File Development and Testing Services

The Device Descriptions (DD) file, written in Device Description Language, allows a host application or control system to properly access, configure, calibrate, troubleshoot, and display important device information and capabilities that a device supplier has incorporated into their device.

The DD file for each device is provided by the device supplier.We undertake development and validation of the DD file, enabling quicker DD file development.

We also perform DD file testing using SDC 625, Xmtr DD software tools, Emerson 475 and Meriam Communicator.

FDS Services

SoftDEL has experience in creating Field Device Specification (FDS) documents and also offers it as a service to OEMs and ODMs.

FDS is a prerequisite for certification. FDS document specifies the features, operation and capabilities of the field device. It is an important reference document for end users, host application designer and system integrators.It also provides functional specifications used during field device development, maintenance and testing.