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Today, the need for smart buildings has grown globally. The key drivers for their increased adoption are :

  • Rising energy costs
  • Technological advancements
  • Government regulations
  • Consumer’s interest in optimizing energy usage

This has attracted many global industry OEMs to invest in new technology solutions required for smart buildings.

The Challenge

The ‘smart’ building drive has transformed the sensor, actuator and controller manufacturing industry. Sensors and controllers need to sense and control occupancy, daylight, temperature, humidity, radiant heat and other elements. The entire objective is to achieve energy optimization. The best way to save energy is not to use it continuously, but only when required.

The SoftDEL Solution

With our decade-long BACnet expertise, we are actively involved with building automation initiatives and execution.

Our services vary from training, consultancy and offering various protocol stacks to implementation, integration, application development and testing.