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The growth of smart lighting is primarily driven by the growing need for energy efficiency, increasing support by government and awareness among building owners. Traditional lighting controls consume approximately 40% energy. Gartner predicts that smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90 percent.

SoftDEL has been helping global lighting OEMs across the key phases of lighting solution development. We understand trends, challenges, and technology possibilities across commercial building lighting, industrial lighting, stage lighting. This has helped us provide unique value propositions to our customers. Some of our key service offerings include hardware and software engineering, IoT and connectivity protocols, application development, and testing.

The Challenge

The urge to save energy and advancements in technology are reshaping the world of lighting. This evolution is driving the demand for smart lighting control solutions.

Smart lighting technology needs advanced components like relays, occupancy sensors, controllers, actuators, transmitters, receivers, lighting control components, connectivity technologies (wired and wireless), and smart, intelligent applications.

The SoftDEL Solution

SoftDEL Smart Lighting Solutions

1. Lighting End-Point Firmware Development

  • Firmware development lighting devices
  • RTOS & chipset integration
  • LED drivers development for luminaries with dimming
  • Feature implementation – daylight harvesting, dimming, occupancy sensing, CCT
  • Over the Network Firmware Upgrade

2. Connectivity Enablement Services

  • Wired and wireless interface
  • Standard interface protocol implementation- BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, 802.11, 802.15.4, Bluetooth(LE)
  • Lighting protocols stack – DMX512
  • Secured communication
  • Native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, CoAP
  • Develop lighting gateway supporting MQTT, CoAP, BACnet

3. Management Application Development, and Testing

  • PC/Web-based lighting control and monitoring application development
  • Lighting mobile application development
  • Lighting API development for 3rd party application integration
  • Advanced analytics based application like smart space management
  • Feature implementation – Firmware upgrade, zone control, wireless control, secured control, scheduling, energy monitoring dashboards
  • Product validation, independent test lab setup
  • System testing including performance and scalability
  • Automated test framework, testing of Web UI

SoftDEL Advantage

  • Expertise and Experience across next-gen “Smart Connected Lighting System”
  • Mixed offering portfolio (IPs/Products, and product engineering services)
  • Ready to use BACnet protocol stack, DMX-512 stack
  • Reduced cost of quality by using in-house developed “Test Automation Framework”