elevating experience:
developing an intuitive user experience
for next-gen elevator controllers

customer background

This US-based industry leader in elevator transportation solutions manufactures nearly all components used in today’s elevators, including elevator controls, door equipment, slings, car gates, and more. With offices across the US, UK, and Canada, their family of brands leverages a deep well of expertise and passion to create innovative, safe, and reliable elevator modernisation solutions for their customers.

customer need

To elevate operational efficiency and simplify elevator controller management, our customers wanted a highly intuitive and responsive graphical user interface (GUI) compatible with their existing hardware. Scalability for future technology updates and a visually captivating design with appealing colors and animation were also key requirements. Softdel’s expertise in designing user-friendly interfaces and 20+ years of elevator domain experience in delivering innovative IoT solutions across the technology spectrum made us the perfect choice of partner to develop this application.

softdel’s solution

  • Designing multiple wireframes as per best UI/UX standards, clearly outlining the content for each screen.
  • Developing python automation script to detect changes in the input parameter file and autogenerate XML file for interface updates thereby significantly reducing efforts.
  • Managing 5000+ parameters with a touch screen interface, allowing users to easily edit settings such as door type, car speed, fault status, and alarm notifications.
  • Enabling dynamic updating of images/animation based on back-end data.
  • Building test programs for the peripherals Heartbeat, LCD and Touchscreen, Flash memory, SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory), SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), UART (universal asynchronous receiver / transmitter), to validate the proposed hardware.
  • Developing a test application to evaluate the display under consideration for performance of Graphics GUI, focusing on following specifics:
  • Creating a test application using the powerful GUI designing software from STM microcontrollers – TouchGFX Designer.
  • Developing software to test functionality of Display Touch responsiveness, Swipe, Drop down selection sample, and other possible gestures.
  • Checking display color accuracy. Allowing change of displayed colors using touch interface.
  • Providing a graphic sample with transitions.

standards and technology

Programming Language: Embedded C & C++, Python 

UI Development Framework: TouchGFX 

Front-end: C++ 

Back-end: C 

H/W Platform: STM32H7 Series

Operating System: RTOS

Tools: STM32CubeIDE, TouchGFX Designer, BitBucket, JIRA


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